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Auto Glass Virginia

Has your Car Windshield or Window glass cracked or broken?
We fix, repair and replace all car glasses.

AutoGlass Outlet is the largest auto/car glass company on the east coast and has a daily stock of over 100,000 auto glasses. We are the largest car/ auto glass company in Maryland with 15+ highly experienced professional autoglass installers available 6 days a week to provide the best expedited installation service. Request a free quote - Find out how affordable auto glass service can be from Auto Glass Outlet.


If you do not see your vehicle or car glass please call us at 1-301-864-5555 or email at info@autoglassoutlet.com
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Auto Glass Outlet has been in business since 2007. Are you looking for auto/car glass replacement in Maryland, DC or Virginia?

Look no further. We are the largest single shop in Maryland, DC and Virginia that stocks over 100,000 glasses.

We do all Car Windshields repair and replacement, as well as, Side window glasses, Car back glasses, and car vent glasses. We also cover most Bus Windshield, and all glasses. If you have a pickup truck glass that needs replacement, call us now!

We have one of the largest stock of auto glass on the East coast. Our Car glass installation workshop in Hyattsville Maryland is ideally located if you live in Maryland, Washington D.C. or Virginia. Our Car Glass repair shop at Lawrence Place Hyattsville, Maryland is situated just north of Washington D.C. just of route 50, and i-295, we are also easily accessible through i-495.

We car glass repair technicians have been working with us for almost a decade and we guarantee our car glass repair for life time. If you have a leak in the car glass, or a small crack or scratch, don't wait! Call us today and get expert advise on how to stop repair the car glass and if required repair or replace the glass.

Since we have the largest car glass stock we also offer the best quality installation in the market, so call us today for a free valuable quote. Our expert repair team looks forward to hearing from you. If you call today, please use this DISCOUNT CODE "ME-FIRST" to get a 5% Discount.

Essentials for Cracked Car Glass:

All it takes is one small chip in the car windshield before it becomes a full-fledged crack. Small yes, but you want to be safe. Here’s how to prevent a windshield crack from interfering with your safety. If in doubt call us to make an appointment.

1. Decide if the car/auto glass needs immediate attention
First, where’s the crack located? Is it off to the side or is it obscuring your view? If it interferes with your ability to see the road, you should deal with even a small crack immediately by taking your car to the repair shop. However, if it’s not really impairing your ability to see the road, grab a ruler. However, its always a good idea to have it inspected by a professional at the earliest since cracks can expand rapidly on repeat impact. Call us today to get a free autoglass quote and a free glass inspection appointment.

2. Determine whether the car glass needs repaired or replaced
If the crack is less than 12 inches long, or the chip is smaller than the size of a quarter, the integrity of the windshield hasn’t been compromised and probably doesn’t require replacing immediately. But every crack or chip is different, and it’s important to consult an expert. The goal is to ensure a crack from getting bigger or in any way compromising safety.

3. Avoid dirt and debris
One of the biggest things to guard against is dirt. If dirt gets into the crack, it can make a simple repair much more complicated. But that doesn’t mean you should head for the car wash or reach for a bucket. If water seeps into the glass crack, what began as a small repair has now become a complete replacement. Instead, keep dirt and moisture away from the crack with a piece of clear packing tape, which is strong but won’t obscure your view.

4. Park indoors to avoid the sun
If possible, park the car inside, where it will be protected against rain as well as the sun, which can cause the car windshield to heat up and allow the glass crack to expand. If you don’t have a garage, try parking in a shaded spot.

5. Avoid temperature extremes
Likewise, keep in mind that extreme cold is not good for the cracked car windshield. Refrain from putting your air conditioner or defroster on high. If necessary, use the heater moderately to gradually defrost the windows.

6. Drive carefully
Another way to keep the car glass crack from getting larger is to drive with extra caution. That means steering clear of potholes and staying away from rough roads. Jostling the car is the last thing that you need when driving with a crack, and you also want to be careful when getting in and out of the car and avoid slamming the doors or the trunk.

Above all, keep safety in mind at all times; the sooner you get the autoglass windshield in for replacement or repair, the better. Beyond repairing a cracked windshield, performing regular car maintenance is key to sustaining your car in the long term. Check out the ultimate car maintenance schedule and keep your ride up to date.



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